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Friday, December 9, 2016

Helter Skelter...

As the Dow and the rest of the,
 Global Stock markets go.
Up, Up, Up........
As the weekend approaches.....
I smell a plot.
Remember some years ago the so called 
"Black Thursday".
Well, get ready for another.
Only worse........

"OUT" on bail......

So Kanye West has been left out of jail.
Sorry I mean hospital.....
He's now blonde, must have used the Clorox/Demestos. As shampoo in there.
No surprise I suppose.
Well, let hope hes not boooked for a Gig on,
 New Years.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Babyfarts latest move to brush his ego.
He's trying to get 
Mark (Celebrity Apprentice) Burnett.
To produce his inauguration
I seem to remember saying this was all about Reality TV.
Well here's the proof.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SHARON !!!!!!!!!!

It appears that Kelly Osbourne.
Is a "BabyFart" supporter.
I see a spanking ahead for her bum.
Mind you Sharon should cut off the money flow.
That would soon sort her out.
Anyone would think that she works for a living, for God's sake.........


As from today.
I have blocked anonymous comments.
If I have to put my name to what I say so do you.
Only fair...


I am almost speechless, which trust me is very rare.
Below is a comment post. That I had to make more public.
as it goes to show the total con that Babyfart .
Has pulled on America & the World.

If you think Trump is pro Life you must live in a tree in deepest darkest jungle of no information.
His "Ladies" have had way more abortions than children I assure you.
Some of them survived and work for him

You're delusional if you think Trump is evil. Because he's pro-life? Seems to me that pro-abortion would be more evil. Because he's a womanizer? Yet, Bill Clinton RAPES college coeds, take sexual advantage of interns and secretaries for decades, has proven affairs, uses the Arkansas state police as his own personal pimp squad, quite possibly was responsible for the deaths of dozens of human beings during his presidency (Vince Foster, anyone?) WITH the help of his wife, Hillary. But TRUMP is evil?

Grow up, drama queen. If you think Trump is anywhere NEAR the level of atrocity as Hitler, you are in serious need of the facts. You are also insulting the memories of Holocaust survivors.

I don't believe you're any more psychic than I am or the rest of your readers. Usually, you come up with psychic predictions AFTER they're published by other psychics on the Internet or hinted at by Blind Gossip. I read and watch them all, so I know.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


So many have asked how come Babyfart?
After I predicted Hilary Clinton would win.
(Personally I still think he didn't win, but I digress)
What most people don't quite understand.
Is that here on this Plane, Earth.
There are good & bad energies.
Now, most of the time the Good/positive,
 ones prevail.
However for some unknown reason.
Occasionally the bad/negative, 
steal enough energy from Humans.
Usually, because we are unsettled and loose Faith.
That they prevail....
Think, Castro, Hitler, Saddam..
In each case, when the Humans.
Begin to regroup.
Therefore, working together.
as against against each other.
The Good/positive regains it's power.
So, we have to send out good thoughts/prayers.
That these Bad/evil forces a can be sent back to, whence the came.
Hopefully this time for eternity. 

Rainy Day in London, don't drink the tea..

Funny all throughout the elections.
Babyfart & his band of "Trumpettes".
Were saying, how Julian Assange.
Would bring down Hilary Clinton.
With all the info he had stolen.
Before he fled to London.
Now, that BabyFart appears to have won.
He seems to have gone silent on the matter.
Even as JA, appears to have done an Houdini.
Other than, Trump suggesting, that Hilary.
Has had him done in.....
Far too oblivious for her to do, plus why?
But another train of thought.
Maybe Trump and his boyfriend Putin.
Really did "FIX" the election.
So, "They" would have a reason to get rid of JA.
Remember "They" have done it before.
With a "Brolly" in London.
Last time I heard JA is still hold up in London.
A prediction, or merely a thought.
You World it out.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Jesus, loves me, Ben says so.........

Well, seems "BabyFart" is on real romp today.
He's named 
DR Ben "I love the painting of me as Jesus" CARSON.
As Secertary of Housing & Urban Development.
So, all those HUD housing "Tenants"
Had better start packing......
For those awaiting,
a house or development under HUD.
It's going to be a very long century.


So as "BabyFart" the 
"Petulant Child/man".
Continues his unleashed crazy behavior.
His latest target being the Chinese via Taiwan.
Causing all kinds of Diplomatic problems.
Which is fast becoming a Tsunami.
I can't wait to see what.
 He's going to throw at the Italians.
It's not going to be pretty.
But in the "Trumpettes" World.
His daughter is moving her shoe production.
From one FOREIGN land, to another.
Why, well to save her money.
So much for American jobs. 
Or even bringing back jobs to the USA.
Say, I.......
Time for the Flyover States to wake up.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

From wierd to weirder......

Here's one for the books.
Brad Pitt & Kate Hudson...
Oh, give me a bloody break.
Granted it makes for great pic.
But really......

Saturday, December 3, 2016

As the Clouds gather...

As my trip to the UK, draws to a close.
It has been a roller coaster of events.
Many, many good ones....
But, it saddens me to see the way people,
are becoming so dark & hateful.
Towards one another.
Especially the open homophobia.
It was never that bad before.
So much for progression.
It's just Same back home, in the USA.
Due to the "BabyFart" effect.
The next part of the trip is to "Gayee" Paris. 
With the very dark shadow of,
Marine Le Pen, & her group of Facists.
Looming over The City of Lights.
As well as the rest of Europe.
We are indeed in for a very bumpy ride.
Doesn't look like the seatbelts,
 are going to be enough. 
Maybe ELon Musk has it right. 
Get the "HELL". 
To Mars

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Exodus, begins.......

As "Babyfart" & his gang of "Trumpettes".
Continue to reek havoc on,
America & the rest of The "World".
Let me tell you a little secret, 
that normally I won't tell.
Someone I know who is a bigwig on Wall St.
Is ready to leave not just Wall St.
But the USA.
Well, they won't be able to make money with "Babyfart" in charge....
So I bet they're the buying the "BULLETS"
Silver, no doubt ?......


As the movie about,
 Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. 
Who on Jan 15th 2009. 
Saved the lives of those on board. 
The jet he was piloting. 
By landing it on the Hudson river,
in New York.
Is about to be released in the UK.
Those in charge.
Are still trying to claim that he could have landed the jet at the airport.
This is covered in the movie.
They claim that simulators.
"Prove" this FACT....
I bet there's not one of those "EXPERTS'.
Would getout of their simulators, 
to go back to test that theory, 
in a time machine.
So they need to shut the hell up.

Please share.

Help spread this but dont post it on fb... hit the box next to the video to send around


Thursday, December 1, 2016

History is repeating it'self......

Trump "BabyFart"
has chosen retired 
Marine Gen. James Mattis for his secretary of defense.
Well no surprise there then.
As he's a warmonger just like BabyFart himself.
Or Hitlers right hand man.
Herman Goering.
Now if I remember my schooling.
That didn't end too well. 
It's almost beyond belief, 
that in this day and time. 
These monster are being,
 put into place.
1930's here we come, again...

I agree....

Many of you havre commented, 
on my "BabyFart" post.
Regarding, that Pence is worse than Trump.
I more than agree.......
He's so uptight, that whatever he has up his butt.Is still stuck there.
Which is clearly causing him to grimise.
Which is fun...
But you have to understand.
He believes, that Gay people, 
can be converted to "NORMAL" whatever that is.
Why does he believe this?
Well he thinks he was saved from,
the Gay lifestyle.
Well, lifestyle or not.
He would lose his pink card.
Just by the fact he's a shit.
He needs to worry. 
Not about the Gays, 
but the fact that.
The gun with Babyfarts, name on it.
Has more that one bullet.
Sequined or not.........

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If you think it's bad now...

As Donald "Babyfart" Trump.
Continues to award his business croonies,
aka "Trumpettes"with "Huge",
jobs in his cabinet/government.
As though he was "King/Queen".
As against President Elect.
He clearly has lost the plot.
Even if that plot, was/is more like, 
a script form his TV show.
He has way, worse surprises in store.
It's as though he's lining up a "Fail".
so can say, 
"Well, I tried to get the right people in place, but "They" didn't allow me".
Well, as I said before....
The "Bullets" with his name on.
Are being loaded into the gun.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Due to travel.....

Just a little catch up.
As I am here and there at the moment,
due to family issues.
I am not able to post, or reply as fast as usual.
Plus seems that the pics I try to post with the Predictions don't show.
The wonders of technology ..
You should have seen the drama,
to get a phone to work.
I am beginning to think Britain,
 is a third World Country.
Oh Well.

       #1.  In response to the recount situation.
I stand by my original prediction.

     #2. Also re a prayer to help with the "CULT".
         Some of you have posted your versions.
They are all good.
Here's a little one from me.

I stand in the Light.
I ask for protection and wisdom.
As my my prayers and thoughts.
Of  love and light.
Will help and guide those indeed.
I do this in hope that.
We can all receive, 
this guidance as well,
 as pass it to those.
That are truly in need.