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San Francisco

As most of you know by now. I am never keen on  “DARK” predictions. But sometimes they are so strong,  that they just won’t leave my mind till I tell. I sense something very bad in/around  San Francisco. About Thankgiving.. (Please bare in mind timing the hardest part of a prediction) It feels like a massive shooting. If I get more I will post. Sorry for the negative vibe.
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It took only one day of backlash. For babyfart to reinstate,  the ban on Elephant products. But it’s only a hold. He’ll be Back to lifting that hold. When things heat up again with the Russia Probe. So stay alert..... The coming week however Is going to be another nice rough week for this PIG.

Not just the wrong tree, WRONG FOREST..

Model & wannabe actress Hailey Baldwin, Is all gaga over singer Shawn Mendes. Seems she believes he’s the “One”. Well, he is “One” but not the “One”. For her............. Growing up in the Showbiz family she did.. You would think that she would, know the “CODE” Oh well.................

Bonus Meme

BF meme of the day

WTF.. what a PRICK....

As if there was anything else Babyfart could surprise you with.He goes and does it....He lifts the ban on Elephant trophy products.Been imported to the USA.This is so beyond reprehensible.But as “WE” all know.Elephants DO NOT FORGET.I do hope he like the nightmares.That this post will send him.FUCKING SHITHEAD....

Is it just me, or ????

I know I have mentioned Nicky Minaj before. Plus can’t say I’m a fan.
But I saw her pc on the TV. I just got the terrible feeling. 
That she needs to change her behavior.
If not today tomorrow.
If she doesn’t I don’t see or else her beyond, 2018.
I get the feeling that she’s progressing to very heavy,
Duty drugs.
Plus she’s mixing with some very bad people....

BF meme of the Day

What a brilliant idea..

Ene Mene Miny Mo

Oh Boris, Oh Boris how naughty you've been...

Boris " I am an idiot" Johnson. Is in very real danger of being completely thrown,  out of not just the Tory party. But out of the government for good. Personally I can't wait. To see the entitled git to go. He has two weeks to clear up the mess, or........